The LSSSE Survey is designed to measure the effects of legal education on law students. It is centered on the concept of student engagement—which is based on the simple, yet powerful observation that the more engrossing the educational experience, the more students will gain from it.

The survey provides a comprehensive view of the experiences of students in the classroom and in their broader lives. These findings can yield important school-level insights about the effects of legal education. Survey results can be contextualized using comparisons to law school peers, the national pool of LSSSE Survey schools, and to past results.

The LSSSE Survey is administered annually. Since its first administration in 2004, 200 law schools in the U.S. (181), Canada (17), and Australia (2) have administered the survey, eliciting more than 350,000 student responses.

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Since its first administration in 2004, 203 law schools in the U.S. (184), Canada (17), and Australia (2) have administered the LSSSE Survey, eliciting more than 380,000 student responses. Among U.S. law schools, the statistical profiles of LSSSE cohorts tend to closely resemble the overall profile of U.S. law schools.

Profile of LSSSE U.S. Law Schools Compared with National Profile