About Topical Survey Modules

LSSSE offers five topical modules that can be appended to the core LSSSE Survey. The modules focus on the following areas:

  • Diversity and Inclusiveness: The Diversity and Inclusiveness module examines environments, processes, and activities that reflect the engagement and validation of cultural diversity and promote greater understanding of societal differences. Questions explore students’ exposure to inclusive teaching practices and intercultural learning; perceptions of institutional values and commitment regarding diversity; and participation in diversity-related programming and coursework.
  • Coping with COVID: This module, created specifically for the 2021 administration, explores the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on students’ educational experiences, mental wellness, and everyday life experiences. Perceptions of faculty and institutional responses, disruptions to educational plans, living situation details, stressors and negative emotional experiences, and changes in leisure activities and time demands are addressed.
  • Experiences with Online Learning: This module assesses how students engage in both online and hybrid courses and their degree of comfort with online learning and experience of support.
  • Learning Experiences and Professionalism (LEAP): The LEAP module examines the law student experience in the contexts of classroom learning, preparation for the bar exam, and professional skills development.
  • Student Services: The Student Services module examines the law student experience in the contexts of academic and career advising. The questions explore the frequency, accessibility, and types of advising information provided, as well as the primary sources of advisement.
  • Student Stress: The Student Stress module examines law student stress and anxiety—their sources, impact, and perceptions of support offered by law schools to manage stress and anxiety.
  • Law Library: The Law Library module was designed to assess student engagement as they develop information literacy skills in accordance with ABA Standards. The module is also premised on gaining insights into law student use and satisfaction with library services.

The Topical Survey Modules are flexible options for schools that want to supplement their LSSSE Survey data.

Topical Survey Modules Timeline and Fees

Law schools register to administer topical survey modules when they register for the core LSSSE Survey. The registration fee for your first module is $350. The second module is $250.

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