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Law schools are under immense pressure to reform and innovate. Shifting market pressures, along with changing realities in the legal profession, have rendered the status quo indefensible, if not unsustainable.

A critical component of reform is assessment. Assessment is holistic. It is goal-driven. It is reflective. It is iterative. Without assessment it is impossible to know whether reforms and innovations are having desired effects. Put differently, assessment is essential to knowing whether resources are being expended prudently and students being served effectively.

This climate presents a compelling opportunity for law schools (and indeed legal education overall) to build an assessment culture. LSSSE can be a partner in this endeavor. We offer a range of services aimed at helping law schools maximize the opportunities and imperatives presented by the current climate.

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Special Analyses Reports

LSSSE offers customizable Special Analyses Reports. The reports can be used for an array of purposes, including as assessment tools and as partial predictors of program impacts and student performance. Using Special Analyses Reports, LSSSE has assisted law schools with the following:

• Charting LSSSE Survey trends over multiple years and before and after interventions
• Tying LSSSE Survey data to graduate outcomes, such as bar exam performance and employment
• Mapping and analyzing LSSSE Survey data in context of accreditation standards
• Analyzing bar exam trends and developing predictive and “early alert” models

These are examples of past reports, not an exhaustive list. Every report is customized to each school’s objectives and needs.

Strategic Communications Assistance

The promotion and dissemination of LSSSE Survey results can be a great way to demonstrate a commitment to student success. LSSSE provides services to law schools seeking to differentiate themselves in this way. These services range from the design of informational materials (including slide decks) to the design of traditional and social media promotional campaigns to assistance drafting accreditation self-studies. The scope of these services is tailored to the objectives and needs of each school.

Site Visits

LSSSE staff are available for site visits to consult with law school administrators and faculty regarding LSSSE Survey data and general assessment activities. They are also available for on-site presentations to internal and external stakeholders.

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