What is the LSSSE Public Reporting Tool?

The LSSSE Public Reporting Tool is a robust, interactive data analytics tool that provides access to aggregate LSSSE data.  With this tool you can explore LSSSE results by student and institutional characteristics and map longitudinal trends. Survey questions are grouped into useful categories to assist in data analysis.  The tool also includes the capability to create custom reports with a wide-range of data visualization options.  Once your analysis is complete you can download your reports into Excel, PowerPoint or PDF.

Using the Reporting Tool

Filter by year, student characteristics or institutional characteristics.

Questions (Rows)
Survey questions are listed in the order they appear on the survey.  You may also select a category from the drop down menu to group survey questions according to topic.

Cross Bys (Columns)
Select a variable for individual groups in your report. For example, institutional characteristics or student characteristics