Explore the connections between student engagement and bar performance.

This collaborative initiative between AccessLex Institute and LSSSE was created with the fundamental goal of providing tangible information that law schools can use to help increase bar passage.  What works for your students? What doesn’t? Where can resources and efforts be best invested?  These are some of the questions we’re seeking to answer.

LSSSE provides schools with empirical insights about the extent to which students are engrossed – or engaged – in the law school experience.  Student engagement is a holistic concept, capturing the intricate web of individual and institutional processes and actions that contribute to desired student outcomes. There is much potential for using student engagement theory to understand the processes and actions that contribute to bar exam performance.


The partnership will span the 2018, 2019, and 2020 administrations of the LSSSE Survey.  AccessLex will provide a 100% LSSSE Survey registration fee subsidy to law schools yielding first-time bar passage rates below 75% in at least two of the three calendar years prior to the first LSSSE administration for which they are seeking the fee subsidy (2018 or 2019).

In order to qualify for the subsidy, the law schools must commit to the following:

  • Administering LSSSE in two consecutive years: either 2018 & 2019 or 2019 & 2020;

  • Sharing demographic and academic background information for bar-takers in the two LSSSE administration years with LSSSE and AccessLex researchers; and

  • Allowing aggregate and anonymized school-level data to be used in the building of a clearinghouse of relevant information as well as in reports, presentations, etc.

Once a school qualifies for the subsidy, it will receive it for the two consecutive years it administers the LSSSE Survey.  The subsidy will be paid directly to law schools in the form of a restricted grant.


The primary deliverables will be two individualized reports to each law school being studied – intermediate reports after their first LSSSE administration and final reports after their second.  These reports will explain and illustrate significant and useful findings from the project and make recommendations, where appropriate. Each participating law school will receive two individualized reports—an intermediate report following the completion of their first LSSSE administration and a final report following their second LSSSE administration.  These reports will employ applied research principles and methods to provide participating schools tangible, actionable information, including explanation and illustration of significant, useful findings from the project, and as may be appropriate, recommendations.

For more information about the AccessLex/LSSSE Bar Exam Success Initiative, contact:

Aaron N. Taylor
Executive Director
AccessLex Center for Legal Education Excellence

About AccessLex Institute

AccessLex Institute®, in partnership with its nearly 200 nonprofit and state-affiliated ABA-approved Member law schools, has been committed to improving access to legal education and to maximizing the affordability and value of a law degree since 1983. The AccessLex Center for Legal Education ExcellenceSM advocates for policies that make legal education work better for students and society alike, and conducts research on the most critical issues facing legal education today. The AccessLex Center for Education and Financial CapabilitySM offers on-campus and online financial education programming and resources to help students confidently manage their finances on their way to achieving personal and professional success. AccessLex Institute is a nonprofit organization with offices in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. and field offices throughout the U.S. 

Administering LSSSE

LSSSE handles all aspects of survey administration, including invitations, reminder messages, delivery of the online survey, and compilation of data. This ensures comparability across institutions. We analyze your results and deliver a customized data report to you in July.


Fall Semester 2020: Register and Plan
Register for LSSSE (October – January)
Upload population file, customize recruitment materials and schedule
Plan promotional and recruitment strategy

Early Spring Semester 2021: Survey Launch
Implement promotional campaign
Survey administration begins (Late February – Early March)
Monitor administration progress

Late Spring Semester 2021: Survey Closes April 21st

Summer 2021: Data and Reports Released


Participation fees depend upon the size of your law student population:

Fewer than 500 / $3,450
500 – 900 / $4,500
More than 900 / $5,800

The participation fee also includes user workshops, data analysis tools, webinars and consultations with LSSSE staff about your results.

Custom Reports

Law schools that participate in LSSSE receive their results in the form of raw data, customized data reports, and comparative findings. Responsible statistical comparisons with similar schools (including two custom peer groups) help you understand your results in context. Institutions receive detailed analyses and information tools.

Law School Reports

A collection of reports describing your students’ experiences, broken out by class year. Highlights include:

Executive Summary Reports.
Present key findings for your law school, including most and least favorable comparison of your law school and selected peer groups, information related to classroom engagement, student satisfaction and student gains, and a framework for getting oriented to your Law School Report and to interpret and share your results.

Online Law School Report.
A secure web-based version of your Law School Reports as well as your school’s raw data.

User Tools and Resources

Accreditation Toolkit.
Suggests ways to map specific questions from the survey onto ABA accreditation standards. This also includes sample timelines to help you decide when and how often to collect student engagement data.

Workshops & Webinars.
Stimulate discussion about making the most of your LSSSE participation and connecting with other law schools who have participated in LSSSE.

Sample PowerPoint Presentation.
A customizable PowerPoint template to share your school’s results and to stimulate discussion about them.